3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Rental Home More Family-Friendly

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Are you having a hard time attracting families to your rental home? Here are three things you can do to make the place more family-friendly and expand your reach to potential tenants:

Use Elastimold Rubber Goods

If any electrical wiring or cables are located above ground on your property, it's a good idea to house them in Elastimold rubber goods. This material will enclose any exposed wiring in the attic, garage, or under the house if it's built on posts and piers to provide electrocution protection. Elastimold rubber goods are flexible and easy to use, so you should be able to enclose any exposed wiring yourself by simply wrapping the rubber around it.  Because Elastimold rubber goods are heat resistant, when used it can help prevent house fires too.

Introduce a Pet Policy

There are some downsides to allowing pets in your rental home, such as the possibility of having to deal with property damage or neighbor complaints. But the benefits can easily outweigh the negatives, so it's a good idea to consider introducing a pet policy to potential tenants.

Allowing your renters to have a cat or dog is an excellent way to increase your overall revenue, improve the appeal of your rental, and keep tenants happy while living there so you have less turnover to worry about. It's important to require a deposit for any pets you allow to help cover damages. You should also include a list of "put rules" in your rental agreement so your renters have to officially agree to the rules by signing-off on them when they sign the agreement.  

Create a Safe Play Yard

Parents want to make sure that their kids and pets are safe while playing outside, so consider creating a safe play yard on the property for them to utilize. Just choose a corner on the property to fence that's at least 20-feet by 20-feet in size so there is enough room within the space to put a small swing set, a sand box, and plenty of toys. Consider choosing a corner in the back of the property so the play yard isn't near the road. Vinyl fencing is an excellent option because it's easy to maintain, it is non-toxic to people and animals, and it's tough enough that dogs can't chew through it.

These tips and tricks should help make your rental home more appealing to families with kids and pets so it doesn't sit empty for long between tenants.